Relationship & Sex Education

By law, every school is required to produce a Sex Education Policy.

We recognise that the prime responsibility for bringing up children rests with the parents. The teaching offered by our school will be complementary and supportive to the role of parents and will have regard to parents’ views about its content and presentation.

It is our aim to implement a programme of sex education which is appropriate to the needs of 4-11 year olds and to provide a foundation upon which other stages of education can build. At this stage, sex education is taught in the context of personal, social, moral, health and science education and not as an isolated subject. At all times we keep parents informed if we feel their child may need to talk to them in the comfortable home setting concerning sex education. Parents’ wishes concerning sex education are always our prime consideration. Parents have the right to withdraw their child from those elements of sex education which do not constitute part of the National Curriculum for Science.