Medication prescribed by a G.P. can be administered in school providing that a consent form (available from school) is completed by the parent/carer giving permission for the nominated member of staff to administer the medication. If a child is ill we will attempt to contact parents and arrange for the child to be taken home. Therefore we are grateful if an emergency contact name, address and telephone number is given to the school. The school should be informed of any change in home address immediately. You will be given a contact form when your child starts school on which you may give us details of such telephone numbers, addresses etc. and also details of any specific medical conditions i.e. eczema, asthma or allergies which your child may have. If your child has an accident during school hours we will seek medical help. We always attempt to contact parents before any treatment is given but if we cannot get in touch with parents or other contacts we would if necessary, take the child to hospital or clinic for treatment if needed. We are always grateful if parents inform us of any condition your child may have, such as head lice or impetigo. These conditions will not be a problem if parents inform us.