Our aim is…

‘To develop a modern, world – class curriculum that will inspire and challenge all learners and prepare them for the future.’

All pupils follow the National Curriculum at a level and pace suitable for their ability whilst our SEND philosophy places children at the heart of personalised learning and our curriculum is tailored to meet individual pupil needs. At times modifications to the curriculum may be implemented, supported by the use of PIVATS alongside this.
To fulfil this vision, within the Ribbon Academy we are committed to:-

  • A range of teaching and learning styles.
  • Differentiated materials (both for reinforcement and extension).
  • Access to ICT.
  • Additional in class support.
  • Additional out of class support.
  • Flexible groupings (including small group work).
  • The appropriate use of rewards and sanctions.
  • Mentoring and counselling
  • A broad range of extra-curricular activities, including homework club and use of the Ribbon Media Centre.
  • Assessment procedures that emphasise pupils’ strengths and achievements.
  • Applications to examination boards to obtain access arrangements as appropriate.

Additionally by the time children leave our school in Year 6 all achievements, additional needs and learning styles will be passed over in a fully transparent transition period including parent meetings, meetings with new school and children’s taster days.

It is important to note that not all pupils referred to the SENCO will permanently be SEND pupils; any support and guidance given may be short, medium or long term.

Please refer to the LA booklet Primary School Admissions in County Durham 2017/2018 for all information regarding admissions procedures for your child.

All of our teachers are teachers of SEND pupils and as such, we strive to provide high quality first teaching which takes account of the individual needs of pupils and would therefore never treat pupils less favourably because of a SEND.

The SEND Link Trustees are Louise Hall (Chair of Trustees) and Ian Stephenson (Vice Chair of Trustees).

Parents can find a series of useful links here.

‘Want information about services and guidance for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities? Durham has a brand new, easy to use Local Offer. Visit to find out more’.