The Wider Curriculum

In Ribbon Academy we believe that the curriculum should enable children to achieve their full potential as successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors.

Intent Our curriculum is progressive and challenging. We want our children to be engaged, enthused and excited about the wider curriculum. We believe that there is a need to strike the balance between a ‘knowledge based approach’ and a ‘skills-based approach’.

Each year group follows an agreed syllabus across the year, with subjects taught in two or three week blocks. This provides the children the necessary opportunities to become fully immersed in a topic/area of study. Where appropriate, cross-curricular links to the English/maths curriculum will be made.

To meet the needs of our pupils we incorporate a wide range of rich, valuable educational visits to bring topics alive. The majority of such visits take place in the local area, which in turn helps children develop their knowledge of their own locality.

Implementation One of our main school priorities for 2018-2019 is to further develop the wider curriculum. Significant changes to the structure of the wider curriculum, teaching approaches and theories have been implemented from September 2018.

Our curriculum is taught in two or three week blocks to promote a depth of understanding. Children become fully engaged and focused in their given topics/areas of research. To support this approach, we follow Chris Quigley’s ‘Essentials’ curriculum, which promotes a depth in learning and knowledge acquisition.

School-wide expectations have been redefined, shared and agreed. Staff receive regular training and support, both from in-school subject leaders and outside specialists.

Impact We are committed to ensuring that our curriculum is ‘fit for purpose’ and provides every opportunity for our children to reach their full potential.

Over the course of the year, each subject leader will monitor standards within their subject. There will be termly reviews of the curriculum, which will drive further improvements. Self-reflection is fundamental to our curriculum succeeding and improving.

A revitalised approach to demonstrating progress across subjects has been introduced, so that children can demonstrate ‘proof of progress’ (POP). These POP tasks will provide a wealth of evidence when making end of term, and year, assessment judgements.