At Ribbon we endeavour to:-

To support pupils in order to achieve high academic and personal standards.

To help children to develop lively, enquiring minds with the ability to question and argue rationally.

To apply themselves successfully to tasks, problem solving activities and physical skills.

To develop within the individual a sense of self-respect, self-discipline and the capacity to live as an independent person, self-motivated and confident.

To help children to understand the world in which they live and to develop the ability to contribute as a member of a co-operative group and to recognise their responsibility within a community.

To help children to acquire knowledge and skills relevant to adult life, at home, at work, at leisure and as consumers and citizens in order to achieve maximum potential.

To encourage the child to acquire values, attitudes and concepts which enable the individual to adapt to life in a fast changing world.

To encourage a respect for all and an understanding of various religions and cultures present in our modern society.

To develop an awareness and appreciation of human achievements, whilst recognising mankind’s place in the natural world.

To deliver the National Curriculum offering a broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated curriculum with particular regard to the basic skills of Literacy and Numeracy.

To provide adequate facilities for the development of physical skills and team games.

To be aware of equal opportunities for all.

We strive to achieve these aims via the policies created by our staff for each individual subject. These are enclosed in the website pages that follow.

If you require any further information about any of our policies, please contact Mrs A Sheridan via Main Reception.

Paper copies of our policies are available upon request via Main Reception.