Welcome to Ribbon

I am very proud to welcome you to Ribbon Academy Trust, comprising of Ribbon School and Ribbon Daycare.

It is a privilege to lead such a wonderful academy, full of happy, well-behaved, hard-working children who are a pleasure to teach, and to be part of a caring, talented and dedicated team of adults.

At Ribbon we strive to make every child and adult feel that they are valued and unique and that they are an important part of the school.

Ribbon has been educating children from the community of Murton since 2006. We seek to create an inclusive community, where everybody is valued and nurtured. People routinely comment on the friendly atmosphere that exists in the school, but also notice that it has a great sense of purpose and quality.

At Ribbon, we are committed to the achievement of every single child regardless of his or her ability. We are proud to say that our children make excellent progress from their starting points and achieve outstanding results. All of our staff endeavour to make every lesson engaging and enjoyable for all pupils and, as a result, our children are keen to learn and to try their very best because they want to succeed. They are polite, well mannered, courteous and have excellent attitudes to learning.

It’s not all just about learning in the classroom at Ribbon. We have an excellent reputation for sporting achievement, for learning outdoors, for residential opportunities and for music and the creative arts.

We hope you enjoy finding out more about Ribbon by exploring this site!

Mrs Ashleigh Sheridan


Welcome to Ribbon 

Abid & Lauren

(Head Boy & Head Girl)



Welcome to Ribbon, the perfect place for any teacher or student. We are a friendly school that makes learning an enjoyable experience. All our staff are inspirational and always willing to help and support any student who needs it, whether they are in Nursery through to Year 6. As children take their journeys through Ribbon, they will discover how to become a good learner, listener and will grow to be mature and responsible.



At Ribbon we have 6 different values. We all work extremely hard to make sure we always use them. Our first value is Respect – we think this value is important because if we do not respect yourself, then no one will respect you and you wouldn’t have any friends. If you don’t have friends, then you won’t know how to use our second value, Teamwork. Our next value is Passion; his means that you have enthusiasm in all that you do. Honesty is a very important value because if you are not honest you will not be trustworthy. Determination is extremely important because if you are not determined, then we will never get where we want to be. Our last value is Self-Belief; this is a brilliant value to have because you have to believe in yourself to achieve anything! At Ribbon, we work our hardest to make sure that by using these values we can be the best we can be.



 On site, school has 20 classrooms. All of which are beautiful, well maintained and include under floor heating. This was installed because it is important that all teachers and students are kept safe and healthy, therefore, we can keep warm in the winter. In addition, they have interactive whiteboards with pens and rubbers, some of which are touchscreens. We have a large hall that is used for assemblies, P.E and lunch. The Hall is also used for Breakfast Club. Our hard working kitchen staff provide mouthwatering meals every day. As well as this, the Hall has an overhead projector and a newly installed climbing wall. The Hall is where all our school productions which happen every year. Some of the productions in the past: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Mary Poppins, Grease and The Wizard of Oz.


Another thing important feature Ribbon has is a Computing Hub. Children use this for learning coding and lots of other important IT skills. The Computing Hub is a big area with 15 Apple Macs, an interactive touchscreen whiteboard, and a lap top trolley with over 25 laptops. To add to this, we have a Design Studio where we practice and develop our artistic skills.


Using their creative imaginations, children will explore the wonderful world of art, whether it’s painting like Picasso to sketching like Walt Disney. Once upon a time there was a Reading Zone, a Reading Zone with a fantastic selection of books for all ages. Accelerated Reader is the programme we use to devlop children’s love of reading; it also helps children choose the right level books for. Furnished with a reading cady and 5 comfy sofas, the Reading Zone is the perfect place to sit back, relax and enjoy a book.



Finished your book? Want to do something active? Well you’re in luck! Ribbon has 2 practically perfect playgrounds and 3 fabulous fields. Both playgrounds have gym equipment which children use to have fun and keep fit… Just like all the children in Ribbon, the plants that we grow are in good hands. Our 2 poly-tunnels, which are positioned on opposite sides of the school, are where we grow fruits, vegetables, and more. An incredibly important part to Nursery is Aleisha’s play park, a special place that we hold dear to our hearts at Ribbon.


 Ribbon is unique. However it is not the building that makes it unique, it’s the people. Everybody counts at Ribbon; everybody makes a difference. At Ribbon we are all braver than we believe, stronger than we seem and smarter than we think!

By Lauren(Head Girl) & Abid(Head Boy)