Values & Ethos – Our Vision

Values and Ethos: ‘Our Vision’

Ribbon Academy is a thriving, happy community, served by a dedicated staff, fully aware of their professional responsibility for the personal development of pupils, as well as academic achievement. Staff at Ribbon are committed to delivering an education, based on the National Curriculum, to the highest of standards, whereby a strong, core set of values are embedded at its heart.

Ribbon Values are taken from the Sainsbury’s School Games Values, which in turn were taken from the Olympic Values of the London 2012 games. We use them as a framework of care and consideration for all of our pupils, to ensure they achieve these important goals:

  • Pupils learn to be well organised;
  • Pupils learn to persevere in their attitude to work;
  • Pupils learn to appreciate others and encourage the achievement of their peers;
  • Pupils learn to be considerate, responsible, and courteous in their dealings with others;
  • Pupils learn to take responsibility for their own behaviour at all times;
  • Pupils feel they are fairly treated and understood as individuals;
  • Pupils use their voice and understand it is a powerful, purposeful tool for thought and change;
  • Pupils feel a sense of belonging to our unique community;
  • Pupils learn to grow up to be kind, compassionate and responsible members of society.

The Ribbon Values are:


Ribbon Values underpin our ethos whereby enthusiastic pupils and staff strive for excellence in all aspects of school life.  We work towards, and reflect upon, these values on a daily basis to ensure they are at the forefront of all that we do. They underpin our behaviour policy and are a whole-academy expectation.  They are reflected on discreetly through:

  • Collective Assembly (Monday), where one of the six values becomes the focus for the weekly reflection;
  • Class Reflection Time (Tuesday-Thursday), where pupils in KS1 explore the values in their own world and pupils in KS2 explore the values through the wider world;
  • Celebration Assembly (Friday), where children are awarded for their exemplification of the values.

British Values

Our values are interwoven with, and strongly promote, the fundamental British Values of;

  • The rule of law
  • Democracy
  • Individual liberty
  • Mutual respect
  • Tolerance of those of different faiths & beliefs


Children have the opportunity to have their voices heard through our School Parliament, class reflection time, celebration assemblies and through pupil voice meetings. Children elect their School Parliament representatives for their own classes through a democratic system. The children who wish to represent their class are required to say why they think others should vote for them and how they will help the class. The children are then required to take part in a vote.

Prior to each topic, all children complete a pre-unit task to show their prior knowledge and also suggest what they would like to learn. Staff use these pre-unit tasks to ensure that the children’s interests are represented and become the drivers of our challenge curriculum. Ribbon’s Behaviour Policy involves the children agreeing on, and embracing, the Ribbon Values, and is reviewed in classes at the beginning of the new school year.


The Rule of Law

The importance of laws, whether they are the expectations at Ribbon or the guidelines to practice laid down in our Behaviour Policy, are consistently reinforced by everyone during the school day. Children are taught the value and reason behind laws and rules, and with this comes an understanding which is reinforced in the follow through of consequences when these rules are broken.

Individual Liberty

At Ribbon, children are actively encouraged to make choices, knowing that they are in a safe and supportive setting. As a school we educate and provide boundaries for all our children to make choices, through the provision of a safe learning environment and an empowering curriculum.

Children are encouraged to know, understand and exercise their rights and independence and how to use them safely e.g. e-safety work in a school and PSHE lessons. We are also a UNICEF recognised Rights Respecting School, which encourages the children to recognise their human rights and responsibilities.

Within lessons themselves, children are given choices and learning challenges such as, how to record, participate, present and share their work in class or with the whole school. It is often demonstrated to the whole school through our celebration assemblies.

Children are also given freedom of choice to access numerous extra curriculum clubs and opportunities after school. We have an extensive range of afterschool provision: 1:1 tuition groups, homework groups and a range of sporting clubs.

Mutual Respect

Our ethos instils the importance of kindness towards others and respecting others views and opinions at all times. Our children are very clear that everyone deserves to be treated with the highest respect. We have a zero tolerance to ‘bullying’ (of any kind) and this is promoted through our Ribbon Values.

Tolerance of those of Different Faiths and Beliefs

Tolerance (of different faith and beliefs)  achieved through enhancing children’s understanding of their place in a culturally diverse society and by giving them opportunities to experience such diversity through the RE and SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural) curriculum, visits to different places of worship and visitors from different faith backgrounds. Assemblies are planned to discuss these issues with the children and include storytelling and celebrations from a variety of faiths and cultures.



Through our work, we ensure all children understand how important ‘community’ is. We believe that our children should actively be involved in all aspects of community life and encourage this in many ways.

Our children take part in a number of annual events that link and make sense of what it is to be a responsible citizen in Britain today, and to take part in what is happening in our local community.

These include;

  • Running Ribbon Community Café on a weekly basis for the local community;
  • Celebrating Harvest collections with the local community;
  • Shoebox appeal to help communities beyond Murton;
  • Visits to local care homes;
  • Taking part in a local Remembrance service in Murton (we always stage our own event in Ribbon too);
  • Organising fundraising events for MacMillan, Children in Need, Christmas Jumper Day and Comic/Sport Relief;
  • Taking part in various sporting competitions/festivals;
  • Decision making and consultation about the lunchtime menu/playtime snacks.

At Ribbon Academy we strive to actively challenge children, staff and parents expressing opinions contrary to Fundamental British Values.