About Us

At present Ribbon is divided into 20 classes over the 7 years age range.

All classes are of mixed ability. Various teaching methods are used according to the requirements of the pupils at any particular time. The class may be taught as a whole group or in smaller groups according to the subject and the needs of the pupil. The curriculum is differentiated to take account of the needs of individual pupils in order to support those with learning difficulties and to challenge the more able. Ongoing assessment of work ensures pupils are offered a differentiated curriculum according to their needs and ability. Here are some of our facilities:

Pupil Information 2017/18:

Nursery – 78

Reception – 70

Year 1 – 62

Year 2 – 90

Year 3 – 73

Year 4 – 73

Year 5 – 70

Year 6 – 50

Total on roll – May 2018 – 563 (Including 39 FTE in Nursery)